November Learning Center Ideas November 16 2010

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As Thanksgiving approaches, kids can become less focused as their excitement for the holiday grows. Use the few days before Thanksgiving day to provide a variety of fun learning center activities.

The Editors at Teaching Resource Center have compiled our favorite original activities for this time of year to help! These free lesson plans across the curriculum are easy to prepare, help your kids review and practice essential skills, and celebrate the season.




  • This free lesson plan where kids make Pattern Block Turkeys can also double as a last-minute bulletin board!
  • Find out more about your kids' Thanksgiving celebrations and teach all about statistical data with this Thanksgiving Survey math lesson plan.
  • Preparation for this Turkey Feather Math lesson plan is simple while providing fun and effective addition and subtraction review.


  • "Reflect" on Thanksgiving blessings and more with this science lesson plan that focuses on light and reflection.

Arts and Crafts

Just for Fun!

  • Both online and on their desks, students will enjoy this variety of Turkey games before heading off for Thanksgiving weekend.

As Thanksgiving draws closer and you help your kids reflect on what they're thankful for, head over to our Turkey Shoot Giveaway and leave a comment to be entered to win!