Long Vowels Lesson Plan with Printable Puppets November 03 2010

Here's a free Long Vowels Puppets template. Your students will enjoy creating their own stories and puppets, as they say each long vowel word. This lesson plan includes a pre-assessment, plan for differentiating the lesson based on the needs of each student  and a post-instruction test.




  1. Teacher gives the pre-assessment after removing any long vowel charts or notes in the classroom.
  2. Students complete the pre-assessment without teacher or peer help.
  3. After reviewing the pre-assessment, the teacher can assign each student the long vowels they must include in their story/puppet show. For example, if Kathy had written incorrect answers for the long vowel sound a, she needs to include the ape and baby in her story/puppet show.
  4. Keep all pre-assessments on file for your records.


  1. Read aloud each word with the students. Explain the long vowel sound in each word.
  2. Ask the students to hold up the puppets with the long vowel sound you are pointing to and saying out loud. ("Long vowel e is in the words eagle and queen.")
  3. Teacher writes and demonstrates a puppet show. As an example, the teacher can write the following on the white board or overhead projector. "The baby flew on the back of an eagle to visit the dinosaur. The dinosaur gave the baby a rose. The rose turned into a unicorn when the baby smelled it." 
  4. Further explain long vowels by reading aloud each vowel sound and an example of at least 5 words for each vowel sound.
  5. As an extension activity, students can create their own characters using the chart as a guide, or they can come up with their own long vowel words.
  6. Keep the long vowel poster on display and remind the students that they will need to list examples of at least 5 long vowel sounds after they complete the puppet show.


  1. Students color each puppet.
  2. Students cut out each puppet.
  3. Tape each puppet to a popsicle stick.
  4. Write each word on the popsicle stick.
  5. Write a puppet show.
  6. Perform the puppet show.
  7. Complete the test.

Incorporate Previous Assessments & Supplemental Texts

  • All Sorts of Sorts by Sheron Brown- In this valuable book you will find long vowel phonogram sorts (pgs. 107-120), long vowel pattern sorts (pgs. 126-135) and much, much more. After completing the students' required assessments at the beginning of the school year, you can assign specific word sorts to students depending upon their needs. To incorporate this valuable book into the long vowel puppets lesson, teachers can assign word sorts depending upon the results of each childs' required assessments (your school's required assessments). Then, students can design their own puppets from the list of suggested words on the page assigned. For example, if Suzie needs help with "ale", "ain" and "ake" words, she would need to choose a words like "whale", "pail" and "snake" for her puppet show. Suzie can sort the words on page 107, and then create a puppet show with the words to further solidify her understanding.