Turkey Feather Math Lesson Plan November 10 2010

While celebrating all things turkey during this Thanksgiving month, consider adding this Turkey Feather Math Lesson Plan.

Appropriate for a whole group, small group or Learning Center, this math practice and review activity is easy to set up and direct. Use this opportunity to differentiate math instruction based on the age and skill-level of your students - this turkey feather lesson plan can be used with addition or subtraction.

Here are step-by-step directions to get started!

1. Cut turkey feathers in a variety of colors out of construction paper. This would be a great task for a parent volunteer if possible!

2. Provide photocopies of a turkey body, like this  ThanksgivingTurkeyColoringPage1. Clip the feathers from the coloring page to avoid confusion. Another option is to provide brown construction paper circles as a turkey's body, or have kids draw and color the turkey's body on a sheet of paper.

3. To complete the activity, each student needs to use one die. The first roll of the die is the first number of feathers, which need to be the same color. The second roll of the die is the second number, which need to all be a second uniform color.

4. On the Turkey Feather Math Page, each student needs to fill in the amount and color of each set of feathers. For example:

__4_ __yellow____  Feathers  and
__5_        ___green____ Feathers

My Equation:  __4____    +        ___5___  = ___9____

Challenge your kids to first glue the feathers down, then create a subtraction problem based on the whole minus a part:

My Equation:  __9____    -        ___5___  = ___4____

To challenge them even more, make sure you have plenty of feathers and instruct students to use two dice. When they roll the dice the first time, your students need to add the numbers together for the first amount of feathers. After they do the same with the second roll of the dice, they need to create their equations - and turkeys - based on the bigger numbers.

Once the turkeys are finished, have your students decorate them and then hang them up for a fun last-minute bulletin board idea. Take them down and send them home in time for the Thanksgiving holidays with their families!

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