November Bulletin Board Ideas and Giveaway! November 01 2010

When I first saw Back to the Future in 1985, I distinctly remember the bully Biff saying, "Why don't make like a tree...and get outta here!"

I remember this so well because I did not get this joke...for several years. Yes, it's a bit embarrassing to admit - does it help that I was eleven years old at the time?

Naturally when I thought of this tree bulletin board idea, I remembered Biff's eternal words and I had to chuckle. I hope that you can use this bulletin board with your kids to "Make like a tree...and leave!"

Building the Bulletin Board

Leaves are an essential element to this November bulletin board idea, and they make it easy to turn this classroom tool into a three-dimensional work of art.

Use this free bulletin board tree template as a guide. You can use a document camera or transparency on an overhead to sketch out and decorate a large tree on the bulletin board's surface. Students can then participate in the creation of the overall concept by creating leaves that go with the theme of your bulletin board.

November Leaf Ideas

Leaves can be a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures based on what kinds of trees you want to make.

[caption id="attachment_3521" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Photo by MominMadison"][/caption]

  • Cut out leaf shapes from tagboard or heavy cardstock for children to write on and post onto the tree.
  • Provide tissue paper in red, orange, yellow and brown for children to decorate leaves.
  • Use this free art lesson plan to teach your kids to make colorful leaf rubbings or prints to use on the bulletin board.
  • Include a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of actual fall leaves while creating your tree bulletin board.
  • Have students stamp their handprints on the tree, which will look like leaves - don't forget to use fall colors!

These are just a few ideas - include your input in the comments and be entered into our giveaway!

Use For Any Subject!

The most valuable aspect of this bulletin board is that it can be used across the curriculum. Below are a few ideas to incorporate these colorful trees into your classroom studies.

  • Reading - Regardless of whether or not your kids are at the primary or intermediate levels, this bulletin board can be used in valuable ways. Use the tree to highlight long vowel/short vowel sounds or to review the story elements in a novel.
  • Math - Use this tree as a math tool to practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts by writing the problem on the front of a leaf and the answer on the back and include the tree as part of a Learning Center.
  • Writing - On each leaf, write down each part of the writing process from Brainstorming to Final Draft.
  • A Holiday Focus - Have your kids make individual Thankful Trees, writing down what they're thankful for on each leaf and hanging them up in the classroom or hallway.

This Week's Contest!

Give your colleagues some ideas - How would you use this tree-themed bulletin board in your classroom during the month of November?

Provide your answer in the comment section below and be entered to win one of our newly designed Teaching Resource Center Tote Bags!

The Rules:

  • Enter by leaving a comment below telling how you would use this tree-themed bulletin board in your classroom
  • One entry per person
  • The contest closes Friday, 11/8 at 11:59 PST
  • Each contestant will be entered and the winner randomly selected
  • Good luck!

And the Winner Is...

Thanks for the comments! Congratulations to Vicky in Comment #1 with the Synonym Tree idea, she is this week's winner! The random number generator at helped to pick the winner, and she has been emailed.

Stay tuned for our next contest!