A Classroom Apple Party October 20 2010

Fall is a great time of year to celebrate the letter A with an apple-themed class party.

Prepare for the Apple Party

An Apple Party is a great time to review the letter A as well as build or review new skills. Your routine for centers should be well-established before attempting the Apple Party, and enlist the help of parent volunteers the two weeks before the celebration.

The week before the party, have your students bring in objects to share that start with A. Also, each child needs to bring in one or two apples of varying kinds - the more types of apples, the better.

Once you've set the date and have confirmed volunteers, it's time to celebrate the letter A with Apples!

Apple Sorting

Start the morning of the Apple Party with your class using this fun sorting and graphing activity. During calendar time, sort the apples into groups of similar colors, like red, yellow and green (you might even have pink apples). Make an graph of the apples by color, similar to this one in a pocket chart.

After the whole group activity is done, consider implementing one or more of the following centers!

Apple Painting Center

Using a few of the classroom apples (extra ones you've brought in), set up a stenciling center for kids to make apple works of art. Cut the apples in half and provide shallow dishes of green, yellow, red and brown tempera paint to dip them in. For the stems, have kids dip their thumbs into a bit of brown and press them down at the top of each apple!

Apple Reading Center

If your students are ready, set up a listening center, or have a parent volunteer read an apple-themed story to each group of kids as they rotate. Once the story is done, your students can practice writing the letter A and working on identifying objects that start with the "a" sound.

Apple Writing Center

On a piece of paper cut into an apple shape, your young students can draw and color a picture that includes apples. The parent volunteer at this station can write each student's sentence underneath his/her picture as dictated by the kids!

Apple Math Center

Using actual apple seeds or similarly shaped manipulatives, have kids practice counting seeds and making groups of five or ten. They can also grab a handful and count them out, drawing a picture how many they have and then writing the corresponding number.

Apple Tasting Center

Last but definitely not least, the Apple Snack Center is sure to be popular. Using the different kinds of apples brought in by the students, cut the apples into slices. This task would be great for parent volunteers. If you choose to have the apples cut the night before, soak the slices in lemon juice to keep them from turning brown.

At this center, provide groups of toppings for kids to put on their apple slices. Choices might include:

  • peanut butter
  • caramel
  • mini-marshmallows
  • small pieces of cheddar cheese
  • mini-chocolate chips
  • Goldfish crackers
  • a variety of cereals

Kids will have a yummy time celebrating the letter A at this center.

A classroom Apple Party is a great way to review or build skills as well as celebrate the letter A!

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