Telling Time Book September 07 2010

This printable book is ideal for a back-to-school lesson about telling time. 

Students create their own stories and learn to tell time. 



  1. Create a book as an example before the lesson. (It can be helpful to make the hour red and the minutes blue on both the digital and analog clock.) Bumble Bear is a character in a book I wrote while I was teaching 2nd grade Writer's Workshop.
  2. Review telling time (analog and digital) using a large clock in your classroom. If you don't already have an instructional clock, here's a free, printable clock. If you are looking for a new morning meeting set, here's an instructional clock to purchase as part of your Morning Meeting Bulletin Board Set.
  3. Read your Telling Time Book to the students.
  4. Discuss and write adjectives and verbs on the board. Explain that the book they create will include adjectives and verbs. (e.g. pages 3, 9 and 11).
  5. Students decide on a character.
  6. Students write and illustrate their books. (Use pencils, so corrections can be made.)
  7. Students help each other proofread.
  8. Students share their books.
  9. Display books on your classroom bulletin board (optional).