Top Ten Ways to Use the New Magnetic Letters June 08 2010

Recently, I was working with kids on word building activities in a small group. My bucket of magnetic letters had 108 letters, which sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.

So I was relieved to hear that Teaching Resource Center is coming out with a new bucket that contains 672 lower-case magnetic letters of the alphabet! Use them with magnetic lap boards one-on-one or in small groups, or have students work independently or in centers on some of my Top Ten Activities to use with magnetic letters.

1. Practice the Alphabet

Students can use magnetic letters to improve recognition and provide corresponding sounds. As they master that skill, have students put a full or partial set of magnetic letters in alphabetical order.

2. Match

Match the magnetic letters to a picture of a letter, like in this Beginning Sound Card Matching Game. Provide picture cards and students can match them with the corresponding first letter.

3. Make Words

Have magnetic letters and white boards available for kids to practice making words 2 letters, 3 letters, and 4 letters in length. They could also write down their words on a sheet of paper.

4. Rhyme Time

Set up a word and have students change the first letter of the word to make new ones that rhyme with the original word.

5. Patterns

Use magnetic letters to change letters in different parts of words to make new ones. An example is to start with cat and change to mat. From there, change the letters to make man, pan, pat, sat, and sit.   Then have kids sort the words into categories according to their patterns.

6. Missing Letters

On a white board or piece of paper, provide parts of words with letters missing. Then students can figure out the missing letters and use the magnetic ones to fill in the words.

7.  Scramble!

Print out the DOLCH list appropriate for your student's level. After practicing sets of words from this list, use the magnetic letters to scramble the words and have students unscramble them.

These new buckets of magnetic letters are perfect for our Literacy Task Card Word Building kits. If you've used Literacy Task Cards for awhile or if they're brand new to you, these letters will definitely make life easier.

8.  Differentiated Instruction

Students require separate lessons based on their reading levels, and many of them require magnetic foam letters or tiles. Using the new letters with Literacy Task Cards, students can work independently on a lesson appropriate for them and use the magnetic letters with enough left over for other students.

9. Small Group Work

Because there are so many consonants in this bucket of magnetic letters, there are enough for everyone in your small group to manipulate during a Literacy Task Card lesson.

10. Easy Prep

Gather and keep the materials for each lesson together and have magnetic letters left over!

More Details About These Magnetic Letters:

  • 672 letters
  • ALL lower case
  • Multicolored
  • 1 ½” tall
  • Durable foam construction
  • Magnetic
  • Lots of consonants
  • Consider storing these letters in an easy to access Letter Storage Box or in this Locking Letter Case