Long Vowel/Short Vowel Tree May 05 2010

Originally a project to celebrate families in your classroom, this tree has many possibilities. One helpful use for the FamilyTree template involves letters and sounds, principally long and short vowels.

Letter of the Day

This template is great whether you're introducing or reviewing long vowel and short vowels with your students.  One way to start off either process is through Letter of the Day. Since your kids are probably very familiar with the concept, incorporate the tree by having your kids write words that start with the Letter of the Day on the leaves provided in the FamilyTree template. For variety, have some kids draw pictures instead of writing words.

For use with the whole group, the template can be enlarged using an overhead or document camera. Draw a few large Trees onto butcher paper or chart paper so that you have a few at your fingertips. For small group or individual practice or review, photocopy the template and the leaves so that students can practice writing words incorporating the sounds of the Letter of the Day. Hang the trees on an ABC-themed bulletin board for instant decoration!

Word Families, Patterns and Rhyming

For whole group, small group or individual students, the Tree is a great way to review word families, patterns and rhyming. As Carol writes about in this previous Long Vowel/Short Vowel post, there are plenty of patterns and word families that need practice and review.

Enlarge or photocopy the Tree as needed. Instead of the Photo in the center of the tree, write a word family or pattern for your reading lesson - ike is a good example. Pass out a leaf from the template to each student in your group and have them write one or two words (as space allows) that follow the pattern in the center of the Tree. Call on students to share their word(s) for your Tree's pattern and hang each leaf on the tree. During this long vowel/short vowel lesson, point out that because the words follow the same pattern, they also rhyme. When the leaves are hung, display your tree for review!

Practice and Assessment

This Tree template is great for the whole group, but it is also wonderful for individual student practice and assessment. Photocopy the FamilyTree template and write the word pattern or family in the center that you'd like students to practice on their own. Similar to the whole group lesson above, direct students to write words on the leaves that follow the pattern in the center of the Tree, then place the leaves on the branches. Require a specific number of completed leaves, and since students are working individually, this Tree can also provide an assessment for student understanding of whatever long vowel/short vowel concept you need.

This Long Vowel/Short Vowel Tree is a great way to introduce or review long vowel/short vowel sounds, patterns and word families. This Tree template will help your students "branch out" in their mastery of these concepts!