Chocolate Chip Digraphs: ch, sh, th Word Game April 25 2010

Here's a fun Chocolate Chip Digraph Game and lesson plan!

Explaining Digraphs - Think Chocolate!

A digraph is two letters together which create a new sound (e.g. ch, sh, th, wh, qu, ph, -ck).

Bring unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar and chocolate chips as visuals for your lesson. Put all of the ingredients on display in the classroom. Hide the chocolate chips.

Ask the students a few questions:

"If I were to mix these ingredients together what would I make?" (Show the students the bag of chocolate chips.)

"Would mixing all the ingredients together make a completely new treat?" (Yes.)

"Would it still be unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter or sugar anymore?" (It is still made of these ingredients, but it has become something new.)

"Why?' (Mixing the ingredients creates something new. Once the ingredients are mixed it cannot be taken apart.)

Chocolate chips are made using many ingredients, which may include unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter and sugar. When we mix the ingredients together we make something new... Chocolate chips! So, it's not just unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter and sugar anymore. Mixing the ingredients together makes a new treat. Just like mixing the sounds /c/ and / h/.

Play the Game

Pass Out Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is optional, but it will make the lesson memorable! Before passing out the chocolate chips or cookies it's important to be aware of any allergies. As an alternative to passing out cookies, you could give each child one chocolate chip. If you'd like to share cookies it might be a good idea (for your own sake) share chocolate chip cookies before lunch or right before dismissal.