Father's Day My Dad Rocks Gift April 25 2010

[caption id="attachment_5945" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Students can fill the jar with Father's Day Gift Certificates. This jar is also filled with guitar picks and guitar strings."][/caption]

Here's an easy to make and useful Father's Day gift! Dad can use the My Dad Rocks jar to store coins, office or workshop supplies.




  1. In your classroom newsletter ask for each child to bring in a glass jar with a twist on lid.
  2. Go for a walk around the school and let the students find two rocks. One will be the daddy rock and the smaller one will be the child rock. (Rocks need to be small enough to fit on the top of the lid.) If you don’t feel comfortable with using glass, you could ask for plastic containers (sour cream, butter or large yogurt).
  3. Use the glue to glue two rocks onto each lid. Let the glue cool off and dry. (adult only)


  1. Use Elmer's glue to glue the wiggly eyes onto the rocks.
  2. Paint the lid and let it dry.
  3. Use the blue paint and your thumb print (to make a large rock) and a finger (to make a small rock) on the My Dad Rocks label.
  4. Glue wiggly eyes on the thumb and finger prints. Let it dry.
  5. Color, cut out and glue the guitars onto the rocks and the fingerprints on the My Dad Rocks label.
  6. Glue the label onto the glass jar.
  7. Fill the jar with Father’s Day Gift Certificates and/or other things your dad will like.