Free Sun Salutation Handout and Daily Exercise Plan March 30 2010

Here's a free sun salutation handout and exercise plan (see below) for you and your students. 

This exercise plan works for teachers and students because it's part of the daily morning routine.

You can choose to follow this daily exercise routine before or after morning circle time.

You Go Home at 3, So You Can Exercise

Teachers have all the time in the world to exercise because they go home at around 3:00 p.m. everyday, right? Oh, the naive statements of those who have never taught. No, world! Surprise! Teachers don't go off and indulge themselves in the hot tub at the gym after the kids are gone at around 3 p.m everyday. Teachers have to correct papers, write the name of every single student on miscellaneous items, clean up messes, write lesson plans for the entire next day (which takes hours after the students are gone), make a bazillion copies and tons of other stuff you don't have time to listen to me list, so I'll get to the point... because I know you have been holding your bladder since 7:30 a.m. and you need something helpful that's quick, free and convenient. Seriously, I want to help you feel better because I know how it feels. Teaching doesn't leave much time for exercising, unless we follow an exercise plan that is part of our teaching day. Like this...

Exercise Plan:

  • Sun Salutation - Make an overhead transparency or refer to it as you model the exercise. Assigning a student leader as part of classroom jobs can be helpful, too. As time progresses, students will memorize the sun salutation.
  • Jumping Jacks - Set of 25
  • Running/Walking - Run or walk around the field as far away from the other classrooms as possible. The teacher and students may want to start out walking. Those who would like to can run. Students will learn to be silent in the hall on the way to the field. Other teachers who may complain about the distraction through the windows can learn to shut their windows or join you. You may inspire other teachers to join you, especially when they start seeing your results.
  • Cool Down - Students who finish quickly can begin their cool down. While on the ground, they can stretch their legs and arms.

Modeling Healthy Choices

When our students see us fitting exercise into the day the impression speaks much more than just talking about it. So, not only are we being a positive role model, we are caring for ourselves so we can live a longer and healthier lives. There is a way to get exercise ourselves while fulfilling the physical fitness needs of our students. I've found that it's easier to fit in the exercise with our students in the morning, rather than trying to fit it in after they are gone.

I've done it both ways. I've let the P.E. teacher do all the physical fitness for the students, but honestly my best summer was when I followed this exercise plan with my students. I felt great and it really helped my students and I focus. I did this during summer school, but I regret not following it during the school year. I think it would have kept me healthier and happier... Like I was that summer. I'm hoping this exercise plan can offer you support and encouragement.

Share Your Stories

Please feel free to share your experiences. What types of physical fitness activities do you and your students enjoy?