Free Healthy Choices Chart April 07 2010

Here's a free Healthy Choices chart (girl or boy)! You can use this chart as a guide to create a lesson plan about healthy choices.

How to Use the Healthy Choices Chart

  1. Student writes his/her name on the chart.
  2. Color the chart.
  3. Write the date under the day.
  4. Use tally marks or check marks under each section throughout the day. (Use colored markers or pencils to make it more fun.)
  5. Check with your child's doctor regarding specific amounts under each category. Write the goal amount in the upper right hand corner of the first row of squares. The USDA may have specific recommended amounts listed under your child's age and weight on their website.

Sleep - Write the number of hours of sleep. (e.g. 9 hours)

Water - Make tally marks or checks for every glass of water.

Food Choices - Amounts of food under each category differ depending upon your child's age and weight. Please check with your child's doctor or the USDA guidelines for specific amounts.

Vitamins - If your child's doctor recommends vitamins, children put a check mark or tally mark in the box after they take their vitamins.

Exercise - Write the type of exercise and time spent exercising. One healthy goal could be to have at least 1 hour of exercise per day.

Brush Teeth - Put a check mark or tally mark each time teeth are brushed, morning and night. It's a good idea to brush right after eating sweets, too.

Tooth Brushing Chart