Habitat Lesson Plan and Worksheet March 23 2010

Here's a free habitat worksheet, My Favorite Wild Animal.


K-W-L - Write notes about your discussion with the students on the white board.

K - Ask the students what they know about their favorite wild animals. Review the terms on page 1 and discuss what they already know.

W - What do they want to know?

L - Allow your students to explore in order to learn more. They can find information in their science books, library books, on-line and the dictionary.

Students write the answers to the terms on page 1.

On page 2, your students can differentiate their learning by choosing a wild animal to study.

Extension Activity:

As an extension activity, your students can create their own habitats and animals in a shoebox. We have two examples with printable background coloring pages for the habitat, which can be glued to the back of the shoebox.