Free Spring Poetry Printable Book and Little Bunny Dance Poem March 01 2010


  • Free Spring Poetry Printable Book (color or black & white)
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Stapler
  • Poems 

           Here's the Classic Poem, Little Bunny Foo Foo

          Little bunny Foo Foo
          Hopping through the forest
          Scooping up the field mice
          And bopping them on the head
          Down came the Good Fairy, and she said
          "Little bunny Foo Foo
          I don't want to see you
          Scooping up the field mice
          And bopping them on the head."

          Little Bunny Dance by Carol Brooke 

          (Sing to the tune of 1, 2 Buckle My Shoe. The children dance to the poem/song.)

         1, 2, Jump little one (Jump up and down like a bunny.)
         3, 4, Pound one foot (Pound one foot like a bunny.)
         5, 6, Wiggle your tail (Wiggle your tail like a bunny.)
         7, 8  Flop your ears (Shake your head back and forth.)
         9, 10 Let's do it again (Repeat.)

More Poetry about Bunnies


  1. Create one poetry book for each student. Make one-sided copies of the lined paper, if you would like to have a page for pictures in the book. Staple the book together. As you turn the page, you will see that there is one page of lined paper and one blank page for children's illustrations of the poems.
  2. Make overhead transparencies of the poems or write the poems on the white board.
  3. Each student chooses his/her favorite poem.
  4. Students write the poems in their poetry books and create illustrations for the poems.

Extension Activities:

  • Dramatic Play - Create bunny costumes (bunny ears and white, fluffy tails) to wear while singing the poems.
  • Technology - Use Kid Pix to create slideshow poetry books. Display during special times when parents visit, like the Easter classroom party.
  • Writers' Workshop - Students create poems.