A St. Patrick's Day Guessing Game February 15 2010

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St. Patrick's Day is celebrated each year on March 17th. There is probably tremedous pressure in your classroom to wear green on this day or risk being pinched by students and maybe even some fellow staff members.

To solve this problem, have a set of green shamrock stickers handy to pass out to students and fellow teachers who may have forgotten this very important rule for St. Patrick's Day. Shamrocks are actually a symbol to help celebrate this Irish holiday. Since they will be front and center, play this fun game with your kids that explores the other symbols of this fun holiday!

The Game

When I started really thinking about St. Patrick's Day, I came up with several questions. For example, why do we wear green on this particular day? Why is the shamrock important?

These questions would be fun to explore in this St. Patrick's Day Guessing Game. Pass out the St Patrick's Day Guessing Game sheet to each student. There are eight questions which must be answered with best guesses - no research allowed! The point is to make the guesses sound like real - "official" - definitions.

Hang a piece of butcher paper in the front of the room and draw eight sections. In each section, write each question that is on the sheet. Underneath each question, write three to five of your students' favorite "answers" from their classmates. Try to involve as many different students as possible.

Who Wins?

From those three to five "answers," have your students vote for their favorite one in each category. Reveal the actual answers using this St Patrick's Day Guessing Game Answer Sheet, reading aloud the answers to the class. If you want them to practice their research skills, have them look up the answers in books or online.

With your students' help, decide which answer was the closest to the real one in each category. The students who invented those answers get a prize!