Valentine's Day Pop-Up Card January 11 2010

Your students will love making Pop-Up Valentine's Day Cards.

Here's a free Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card template for you.



1. Print page 2 on pink, red or white 8.5 X 11 cardstock or copy paper.
2. Fold the paper in half on the vertical lines, so you only see half of the heart.
3. Cut the heart on the dotted lines.
4. Open the paper.
5. Fold on the horizontal dashed lines.
6. Push the heart forward as you fold the paper on the dashed, vertical lines.
7. Make any needed adjustments to the card.
8. Decorate the front of the card.
9. Write “Happy Valentine’s Day!” in the heart with pencil and trace over using pen.
10. Use a pencil to trace a heart inside the pop-up heart.
11. Trace over the pencil line with glue.
12. Sprinkle with glitter.
13. Make four hearts using your pencil around the pop-up heart.
14. Trace over the pencil hearts with glue.
15. Sprinkle with glitter.
16. Sign your card.