Snowman Paper Bag Puppet December 11 2009

SnowmanPuppetPhotoYour students will love making snowman paper bag puppets. Sing songs, like Frosty the Snowman, or act out a winter play.


  • Snowman Paper Bag Puppet Template
  • Paper bag
  • Googly eyes (2)
  • Orange pom pom for the nose
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Silver glitter (optional)
  • Yarn (if you want hair to make her into a girl or woman)


  1. Color the template gloves and hat. You can keep the snowman white.
  2. Cut out each piece.
  3. Glue the head onto the bottom of a paperbag.
  4. Glue the lower body onto the bottom of the paper bag.
  5. Glue the chest inbetween the head and lower body.
  6. Glue on the arms, gloves, coal buttons, hat, googly eyes and pom pom nose.
  7. Draw a smile using a black marker.


Tuck a bit of yarn underneath the hat for hair or draw a flower on a piece of paper, cut it out and glue it to the hat.

Use glue to add silver glitter to the snowman's body.

Create a puppet theatre and puppet show.