Words They Need To Know December 03 2009


 A TRC Original, Words They Need To Know: A Book of K-3 Sight Word Activities by Sheron Brown and Sally Oppy, is intended for use by primary teachers, reading specialists, and classroom volunteers. This professional resource is easy to use, addressing the management of sight word activities and materials, as well as how to fit sight word activities into a busy instructional day. 

The Contents also contains the basic philosophy of why we teach sight words in the classroom:  Recognition leads to greater fluency, speed and comprehension in early readers. Using this resource in your classroom will enable your K-3 students to learn the first 300 essential sight words of the American Heritage List of 1,000 most frequently used words in written English.

When it comes to building students' knowledge and skills, assessment is a necessary requirement. Words They Need To Know: A Book of K-3 Sight Word Activities begins with a breakdown by grade level of sight word lists for ongoing assessment as students progress, including suggestions about how to give the sight word assessments. These instructions are clear and easy to follow, appropriate for the teacher, classroom aides or parent volunteers.

After assessment comes practice, and this resource contains a large variety of activities for use in literacy centers, at students' desks or one-on-one with an adult. These activities are broken down into Word Card, Magnetic Letter and Writing Activities. Along with the Literacy Learning Center cards with instructions, there are ready-to-duplicate flashcards, assessment tools, record keeping pages, and gameboards.

The activities in Words They Need To Know: A Book of K-3 Sight Word Activities  will help students practice the 300 essential sightwords individually, in partners, or in small group settings, providing fun ways for students to become better readers!