Top 10 Reasons Teachers Love December December 04 2009

My own list of favorites. Enjoy!

The First Snow Day

I'm in the Northwest, where a snowflake sends tremors of panic and excitement through the community. If the snow level is 500 feet, we're gonna see some flakes, and people are going to freak out. We usually have at least one snow day during the winter.

The Second Snow Day

Occasionally we'll get a second snow day. Still fun.

The Third Snow Day

Now we're just bored. If it's gone on this long, we can't get anywhere in town, either, and we're going blind on news reports about how - you guessed it - it's snowing.

Late Start 

 If there isn't a Snow Day, then there might be a Late Start. Not enough time to sleep in, but enough time to peruse the paper and take a decent shower. Early Release may also fit here too, but maybe not - if it's because of weather, the traffic is terrible.

Twinkle Lights

Hang a few strands of the clear lights around your classroom and use them throughout the winter. Calming, pleasant and actual light.


Ah, winter colds and flu. The tissue will be disappearing faster than you can replace it.

The Staff Party

If your staff doesn't have a Christmas party, I highly recommend you host one and serve drinks. Take pictures as the evening progresses - they'll become a valuable trade when you need some supplies your colleagues are hoarding in their classrooms.

Coffee Cards

Does any gift beat free coffee?


Yes, high quality chocolate can.

Winter Break!

Of Course! Have a wonderful holiday!