Duval County Spotlights TRC Contest Winner December 09 2009

Last October, inspired by the Federal Government's stimulus money, we at TRC created our own Stimulus Package! Cheryl McHenry, from Jacksonville, Florida was our first winner - you can read her entry here.

This was the story that Duval County Public Schools reported on Cheryl's win!

Spotlight On Education

Enterprise Learning Academy Teacher Receives Stimulus Package

Inspired by the stimulus funds provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Teaching Resource Center created its own stimulus package where they gave teachers $100 in store credit.

The contest began the first week in October and it was recently announced that the first winner was Cheryl McHenry, a first-grade teacher at Enterprise Learning Academy.

To win the store credit, teachers had to submit a true story involving their experience with stimulus funds. Submissions could include how they're trying to access these funds, how they would use these funds, or how they’ve already been able to use them.

In Cheryl's entry, she wrote about four of her students who, based on their performance on the Word Reading task, are projected to score at or above grade level on the end of the year comprehension task.

"I am glad to have these students in my class and will do everything I can to make this an enjoyable year of learning for all of them," said Cheryl.

She also wrote about her efforts to develop and refine her instruction to meet the individual needs of her students, and the importance of strengthening their reading skills.

Congratulations to Cheryl on her recent win and best wishes as she continues to increase the academic achievement of her students!