Thanksgiving Turkey Math and Coloring Page November 20 2009

Here's a free Turkey Feather Math page and Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring page .

Your students will enjoy creating their own turkeys.


  • Students can make colorful patterns on the feathers (e.g. red, orange, brown, red, orange brown.)
  • Students create math problems by coloring the feathers. They feathers can be made into addition, multiplication or division math problems (e.g. 3 brown + 3 yellow = 6 or 3 red X 3 brown = 9). 


Use as a coloring page to take home. You may like to display the turkeys on the classroom bulletin board. Stapling the coloring pages onto brown or yellow construction paper will create a nice frame around the coloring page. Turkeys in Disguise is also a fun activity.

Thanksgiving Book to Read: