Winter Snow Globe Craft November 22 2009

[caption id="attachment_3867" align="alignright" width="284" caption="Snowglobe with a Christmas tree and lego Robin Hood riding a motorcycle in the snow."]Snowglobe with a Christmas tree and lego Robin Hood riding a motorcycle in the snow.[/caption]

This snow globe craft is ideal as a gift for parents or as a Christmas decoration. The kids' photos can do cartwheels inside the globes, (see "optional" below) or the children can fill them with plastic toys.


  • Glass or plastic jar with a lid.
  • Water
  • Glitter (silver works well.)
  • Small plastic toys (legos or any plastic toys)
  • Glue gun (Requires adult use only.)


  1. Assign an adult volunteer at each table. Ask the volunteers to help divide the supplies onto each table.
  2. Let the kids decide on the design and toys they would like to use inside the snow globe.
  3. Adult uses the glue gun to secure plastic toys to the lid. (Children cannot do this. An adult is required for this part of the craft.)
  4. Put a half a cap full of glitter inside the jar.
  5. Fill the jar with water.
  6. Have an adult help secure the jar shut tightly.
  7. Shake the globe to see the glittery snow.


Photo Gift Snow Globe for Parents - Instead of using a toy, have the children pose with a scarf & hat with arms up. (It will look like they are doing cartwheels in the snow as the globe twirls around.) Laminate photographs of the children. Make sure the photographs are secured inside the laminate and that no water can get to them. Just to be sure, test them out in water before you laminate very many. Put a picture of each child inside their globe. Be sure that the photographs are in a large enough glass jar, so the laminated photographs have room to move around.