Turkey Games! November 24 2009

Turkey Day - or, if you're more traditional, "Thanksgiving" - is almost here, along with squirrely kids excited about the holiday. Instead of fighting it, I recommend using this unusual time of year for some fun classroom activities involving turkey games.

In order to make these next couple of days easier and full of Thanksgiving fun, consider bribing your class with time at the end of the day to play a few Thanksgiving games for kids!

Race a Turkey

This first game, called Thanksgiving Turkey Race, is a fun and easy game that teaches kids a little about magnetism. You'll need a couple of paperclips, some magnets and the Turkey Game Template to get started. Pair your kids up, have them color and cut the game pieces and attach a paperclip. Then, they're ready to play!

Roll a Turkey 

This Roll a Turkey game teaches your kids about probability while adding a dash of the old-fashioned "Hangman" game I used to play as a kid. Pair up your kids and provide each group with a die and a copy of the instructions. Use the provided template, photocopying one for each student so they can fill them out as they roll the die.

If you want to focus more on probability with older students, have students divide the back of the template into 6 boxes, and labeled each box with a number from 1 to 6. Then, as students roll their dice and play the game, they can keep track of how many times each number - from 1 through 6 - came up. When everyone is done, facilitate a brief discussion involving which numbers came up most, creating a simple graph on chart paper or the overhead, and including whether or not your students think the game is fair.

Turkey Mad-Libs

Mad-Libs never get old, and here are a couple to help your and your class get started with some Thanksgiving fun. What a great way to review parts of speech and have some laughs in the process! If you want more of a challenge, have kids write their own brief Turkey or Thanksgiving paragraphs and take out 3 verbs, 3 nouns, 3 adjectives and 3 pronouns. Then they can partner up and play, or you can use these student paragraphs with the rest of the class, filling them in according to student suggestions and reading them out loud!

Turkey Quizzes

If you have access to your school's computer lab, these two quizzes would be fun to help your students test their knowledge concerning Turkeys and Thanksgiving. The first quiz is specifically about Thanksgiving, while the second quiz focuses on turkey trivia. If you don't have access to computers with your students, go through the quizzes yourself, taking notes and then quizzing the students yourself!

These turkey games will lighten your classroom load a bit, helping your kids review important skills while acknowledging the fun that this season brings!