Turkeys in Disguise November 19 2009

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, there is a definite undercurrent of perceived anxiety on the part of turkeys everywhere. And kids are not going to be fooled - they know that the turkey is scared. So why not give your students the opportunity to help the turkeys disguise themselves against the formidable foe called Thanksgiving dinner?

ThanksgivingTurkeyColoringPageThis activity requires a turkey template in which the turkey is facing forward instead of to the side. Here's our FREE Turkey Coloring Template! If you want a more durable turkey, you could photocopy it onto cardstock or a similar heavier paper.

When students receive their copies of the turkey templates, they need to cut the feathers off first. They can save one or two of these to reattach in the disguise if they want later. Brainstorm with your students how turkeys might disguise themselves - I'm betting it will be an entertaining list!

After brainstorming is done, provide a variety of materials for your students to use to create a disguise for their turkeys. Some materials that I like include construction and foam paper, markers, paints, ribbon, buttons, and other random stuff.

Have your students share their disguised turkeys, and use them to create a bulletin board - called "Turkeys in Disguise" - for everyone to enjoy! Use the following poem to entertain passerby:

My name is Tom Turkey
And I'm afraid as I can be.
I'm wearing my disguise
So you won't catch me!