Turkey Time - Poems and Songs! November 10 2009


[caption id="attachment_3450" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="By Brooklyn Bridge Baby"]By Brooklyn Bridge Baby[/caption]

Thanksgiving - and, consequently, Turkey Time - is coming fast! Here are some fun poems and songs to use with your students. I have not provided choreography, and if you don't love Glee and jazz hands, consider having small groups of students make up dance moves for the following songs. Then each group can teach the whole class!

The poems and songs for the younger set focus more on turkeys, while the songs for older kids focus more on Thanksgiving. Feel free to mix and match as needed!

For Younger Kids

Gobble Gobble

Five Wild Turkeys

I'm a Little Turkey

Runaway Turkey

The Turkey Ran Away

For Older Kids

First Americans

The First Thanksgiving

Turkey Trot

Most of all, have fun! There aren't too many opportunities to sing about turkeys scheming about how to avoid becoming a meal. :)