All About Leaves - Seasonal Signs November 04 2009

Autumn is nature's way of closing up shop. Lucky for us, this transition offers us a variety of stimuli for our five senses. Below is a lesson plan to encourage your kids to appreciate all that Autumn has to offer us!

Seasonal Signs Scavenger Hunt

1. Brainstorm what signs of Autumn you might find while wandering and enjoying the season. Write student suggestions on chart paper.

2. Direct students to a specific area around the school, or lead your students on a light nature walk or hike. During the nature walk or a specific amount of time in a predetermined area, each student needs to collect signs of autumn in a paper or plastic bag (the quart-size works best for me). 

3. During the hike, take a brief break to discuss and fill out the 5 Senses Chart. Students can share ideas or suggestions for what they are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and (possibly) tasting that all have to do with Autumn.

4. Back in the classroom, finish the 5 Senses Chart if necessary, and have your students keep them in their All About Leaves folders to use at a later time in the unit. On pre-cut 8" x 8" squares, have students write "Seasonal Signs" across the top and then glue on their collection from the nature walk.

Display these Seasonal Signs collages in the hallway with a brief explanation of how students collected these Seasonal Signs in their study and appreciation of Autumn!