Monday Minute - Chocolate November 02 2009

I decided a few years ago that I would not hand out any candy on Halloween besides chocolate. I couldn't see the point in it. I tried for a year or two early in my trick-or-treating participation to buy candy I didn't really care for so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it before October 31st.

That worked, for about five minutes. Since I am a bargain shopper, I would pay little for the candy I bought to hand out that was neither chocolate or tempting to me; however, I would sooner than later head back to the store and pay a lot more for some chocolate that I would both eat and hand out.

Finally, I gave up. Now I spend very little on chocolate, refusing to give out anything else on Halloween. And I really don't eat that much more chocolate during the month of October than other times of the year (read: I eat A LOT of chocolate throughout the year) :)

So for today - only two days since Halloween - I found a wonderful quote concerning chocolate. By the way, don't forget to be on the lookout for your students' candy contraband (I always managed to snag a few of my favorites for my desk drawer).

Good Living
is an act of intelligence,
by which we choose things
which have an agreeable taste
rather than those which do not.

(Like this quote? It comes from Virtual Chocolate Quotes - they have quite a few).