Free Halloween Craft "Spooky Creatures Mobile"! October 21 2009

The students will love to create their own "Spooky Mobiles". This craft is easy and fun, with very little teacher preparation required. 


  • Free "Spooky Creatures" with "Spiral Mobile" template.
  • String -or- yarn
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Single hole puncher -or- pencil & carpet



  1. Print out 1 "Spooky Creatures" with "Spiral Mobile" for each student. (Card stock or thick paper works best.)


  1. Color the "Spooky Creatures" and "Spiral Mobile".
  2. Cut out the "Spooky Creatures".
  3. Turn each spooky creature over to the blank side. Create your own design, so each side of the spooky creatures has a face.
  4. Cut out the mobile.
  5. Use the hole puncher to punch holes where you see the black dots. (If students don't have a hole puncher, they can use a pencil to press into the dot while the paper is on the carpet to make a hole.)
  6. Tie knots to attach the spooky creatures to the dots on the mobile with string or yarn.
  7. Hang your "Spooky Creatures Mobile" from the dot at the center of the spiral.