Free "Halloween Lantern or Pin Art" Craft Template October 09 2009

HalloweenLanternPinArtSmallHere's a free template to use for your own Halloween lantern. You can use this free template, or create a design of your own.

As an alternative to the Halloween Lantern, the teacher can have the students make

Pin Art (in the classroom with small groups).

To do this, print out the free template on thick, orange, yellow and/or black paper. Students can use pin needles to punch through the paper. The art can be displayed in the classroom window. The light shinning through the holes looks beautiful. (I did this with my 2nd grade class using a Christmas design.) Instead of a nail, students used pins. I made sure the pins had red balls at the end, so when they fell we could find them easily. I only let 3 or 4 students work at a time. They held the paper onto the carpet and punched each hole. This is great for building fine motor skills. (I do not recommend this craft on Halloween because the kids will probably be too hyper for the concentration it takes. You may want to use this craft instead for the Friday before Halloween.)

Materials for Halloween Lantern (Best for Small Groups or at Home):

  • Free "Halloween Lantern" Template
  • Tin can (e.g. soup can)
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Water (to freeze inside the tin can)
  • Paint (orange, yellow, white and black)
  • Wiggly eyes (2) if you are using the Jack-o'-lantern template.
  • Glow stick or glow bracelet (Please don't use a candle with children. Also, the paint may not won't work well with a candle or eyes.)

Instructions for Halloween Lantern:

  1. Clean out a tin can, pour water inside and freeze it.
  2. Print out the free Halloween lantern template.
  3. Tape the template to the can after the water is frozen. Be sure to put the tape around the edges.
  4. You will need to work fast. The ink will start to fade. Start with the face of the Jack-o-lantern. You may not even want to make the pumpkin around it. I just made the face of the Jack-o'-lantern and chose not to make the pumpkin.
  5. Use the nail and hammer. Tap the nail gently. Try to make the holes the same size, but don't worry too much about the differences. This is supposed to be fun! :) Depending upon the age of the child, an adult may need to do this part.
  6. Paint the can orange. (If needed, blow on the holes to push the paint through.)
  7. Trace the face and words with black paint. If you are making the "Candy" lantern, paint the candy corn orange, yellow and white.
  8. Glue the eyes onto the face of the Jack-o'-lantern, if you are using that design. (Inside the circles.)
  9. Put a glow stick inside. (Do not use a candle.)
  10. Use as a decoration in a window or as a centerpiece on your table.