"Trick-and-Treat Boo-Berry Cone" Recipe! October 08 2009

Your little ones will be "tricked" while having a healthy treat! Being creative and having fun is a great way to get our kids to eat healthy. Here's a quick and easy snack that will fill their tummies with yummy yogurt and berries. There's even a surprise blueberry hidden inside the boo-berry cone! Have fun, and be sure to make one for yourself, too! I'm all about making this quick, fun and easy. Even the kids can make this one. The finished treat looks like a ghost with blueberries for eyes.

"Trick-and-Treat Boo-Berry Cone" Recipe


  • Yogurt (any kind, cherry and blueberry are my favorites. You'll need enough to fill a small cone.)
  • Cone (Mini cones work well for toddlers.)
  • Whip Cream
  • Blueberries (fresh or frozen)


  1. Put a small spoon of yogurt in the cone.
  2. Drop in a few blueberries.
  3. Scoop more yogurt inside the cone.
  4. Level off the top of the cone.
  5. (Take a break. I know, this is so much work.) Straight from the container, put some whip cream in your child's mouth for fun! Now, some for you, too.
  6. In a swirling motion starting from the center, moving out and up make a mountain of whip cream on top of the cone.
  7. Place 2 blueberries on the side of the mountain of whip cream to make a little ghost face.
  8. Hurry and eat the Boo-Berry Cone, before it disappears!

Recipe by: Caroline Brooke

Please contact Caroline, if you would like to re-publish this recipe.

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