Free "Trick-or-Treat Mice" Coloring Page & More! October 08 2009

Halloween_MiceColoringPageSmallIt's almost Halloween! As we all have experienced, students are often full of energy and excitement on Halloween. Here's a fun, quick and easy lesson plan to use on a busy day. Children will enjoy coloring and singing the song.


  1. Print out the free "Trick-or-Treat Mice" coloring page. (1 per student)
  2. Make a copy of the song on the coloring page for the students to see (overhead transparency, easel or white board).
  3. Practice the song with movements. You are about to wear out your kids! After they get the hang of it, you can rest and watch while they sing and act out the song.


1.  Sing the song with your teacher.

Hand symbols/dance to go with the song:

    Quiet as Mice (Put finger to mouth and say "shh").

    Trick-or-Treat (Pretend like you are putting candy in a bag).

    Scamper in the Dark (Quickly walk on tip-toes).

    Skip of Feet (Skip in place).

    Light of the Moon (Hold hands above head and make a circle).

    Eyes Glow in Delight (Make circles with each hand over your eyes and smile).

    Treats and Giggles (Laugh).

    All Through the Night (Clap Hands and jump up and down).

2. Color your own "Trick-or-Treat Mice" coloring page.