Wacky Wednesday - Unusual Uses of 100 Words October 07 2009

I've been doing100 words many hours of research and writing about sight and high frequency words as well as strategies to teach vocabulary. There are several solid strategies to build sight-word and vocabulary mastery, including poetry, repetition, reading in context, patterns and flashcards.

But since I had researched all of that already, I decided for this Wacky Wednesday to explore unusual uses of today's giveaway - the 100 Words You Need To Know Poster. It's a great deal at $5.95 (a savings of 40%!), but if you leave a comment at the end of this post, you will be entered to win a FREE one!

A New Name

Get a hold of nametags with adhesive on the back - your front office might have some lying around. Count out a nametag for each student in your class, and on each nametag write a sight word in dark permanent marker. These will be your students' "new names" for the day.

After students get settled in for the morning, introduce the concept of the "new names" - that each child will have a nametag with a sight word on his/her chest (the teacher can have one, too!). The whole class will call each other by their "new names," and practice their sight words along the way!

Now, I realize there might be some management issues regarding this activity - start small. Maybe start out with "new names" during twenty minutes of reading time, or even shorter amounts of time to practice. When students can manage themselves really well using "new names," lengthen the time periods until your class can use them all day!

Go Fish!

Make decks of sight word cards out of 3x5 cards. Make sure you have two cards with the same sight word on each one. Write the sight words in dark permanent marker and laminate for longer lasting cards. In small groups, teach your students how to play Go Fish! Then they can play the game in partners or groups of three or four during Center Time!

Sing Along

Creative Learning Innovations has a downloadable collection of sight word song lyrics - Silly_Songs_for_Sight_Words_Project - in pdf format. Included with the lyrics is a list of suggested uses and extensions. Don't like singing? They have a CD available for purchase.

Word Hop 

On 3x5 cards, write a sight word on each one in dark, permanent marker. Lay them in patterns along a hallway or in a broad space. If you can, use clear contact paper to stick them to the carpet or floor. Mark a place for students to start, explaining that they have to hop from one word to the next. As they hop, they have to say the sight word they are hopping to next.

Sign Language

I could communicate with my own children long before they were able to verbalize, thanks to simple sign language. Even now at ages 7 and 4, my boys like to explore using signs to communicate.

Sight words lend themselves to this kind of expression - they're short and use many of the same letters. Use a poster to display the finger signs for the alphabet, teaching the signs right along with the printed sight words. This will give students another way to process the connection between the words and the sounds they make.

And now, after putting last week's Wacky Wednesday comments into a proverbial hat, the winner is...Angel53530190-beginning-blend-and-digraph-poster-1[1]a! Her comment:

My daughter is a teacher and I can just see her kids ooooing and aaahhhing over this poster. What a neat idea!

Angela won a FREE Beginning Blends and Digraphs poster! Congratulations!

Remember, leave a comment and be entered to win your own 100 Words You Need to Know poster!

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