Wacky Wednesday - Blend It! September 30 2009


It's now the third week of our awesome poster deals! The Alphabet poster was featured our first week, and last week the Spanish version was spotlighted. This week? BLENDS! 

This poster is currently 40% off (!) at the now low price of $5.95. And, since it is Wacky Wednesday, you can get it for FREE by leaving a comment at the end of this post!

There are many ways to use this poster with individuals or small groups during reading time! My top 3 suggestions:

By the Picture

Use the sticky part of a post-it to cover only the blends on the poster, leaving the pictures showing. Each student in your small group takes a turn identifying a picture, emphasizing the blend. Remove the post-it, and if the student is correct, give him/her a small prize!

Blend It Bingo

Using the Bingo Board, have students put a blend in each square, marking the FREE spot in the center. Put each blend on a piece of paper and the pieces of paper into a container. Draw one blend at a time, and if students have that blend, they first have to say a word that uses the blend and then they can cover that blend on their Bingo Board. The first one to get five in a row wins!

Scavenger Hunt

Use poems, like those in Poem of the Week, to conduct scavenger hunts for certain blends. Choose a blend and then a poem that has that blend. Make copies of the poem for each student, and have them use Highlighter Tape to mark where they see the chosen blend in the poem. After practicing with poems, use the pieces of highlighter tape in familiar picture books. Students can work individually, in partners, or as a small group to identify blends of your choice.

Now for last week's Wacky Wednesday winner - Crystal W.! She won our Spanish Alphabet Poster and Set of Spanishspanish-alphabet-poster Alphabet Cards. Her comment:

I’m a 1st year teacher and I’m looking for strategies to help a student learn English. I think that these cards and the poster would be great resources.



Remember, Leave a Comment and be entered to win this week's deal, a FREE Beginning Blend and Digraph Poster to use in your classroom!


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