Free "Trick or Treat Book & Paperdoll" Craft & Lesson Plan! September 19 2009

GirlPaperDollLinkThese paper dolls/puppets & books are so much fun! This lesson incorporates literature & art and it's a Halloween Craft.

Your children will illustrate and create the characters for their own books. The free, printable template is provided. The paper dolls & accessories are perfect for encouraging dramatic play while reading. This reading, art and writing lesson is perfect for kinesthetic, visual & auditory learners.



Teacher or Parent

  1. Print and staple together the book. Keep the cover & back page as one sheet. Cut the rest of the pages in half, sort in number order and staple together. Kids can use any blank pages for illustrations.)
  2. Print the paper doll. (It would be best to print on card stock.)
  3. Read aloud a book & act out the story with the paper doll. Come on, it's fun & the kids will love it. :)
  4. Talk about why the girl dressing up like a cat and the cat dressing up like a princess is a "trick".

Day #1


  1. Write your name on the back of the paper doll sheet.
  2. Color the paper dolls/puppets, pets & accessories.
  3. Choose a name for the main characters (The kids can use their own names or make up different names.)
  4. Draw illustrations for the story on the blank pages in the book.

Teacher or Parent

This is not required, but it would be a good idea to laminate the paper dolls & accessories after the kids color them. Especially, if you wanted to keep your own set to use as a center activity.

Day #2


  1. Cut out the paper dolls/puppets, pets & accessories. (Glue popsicle sticks to the back of the dolls & pets to make puppets.)
  2. Act out the story with the paper dolls/puppets, and you will see your doll dress up in his/her Halloween costume! (See the books for details.)
  3. Show your friends each character in costume!
  4. Bring the books & dolls/puppets home to share with your family & friends.

Teacher - Extension Activities 

Technology/Classroom Website

  1. Take a photo of all the paper dolls (in costume) with their pets (in costume). Post it on the classroom website/blog.
  2. Have the students bring their completed books to the computer lab. Using Kid Pix, the kids can create a slide show presentation of the story. (Might want to leave the envelope on the desk in class, so the kids don't loose paper doll stuff in the computer lab.)