Wacky Wednesday - Monday's Winner! September 21 2009

53530370-beginning-sound-poster-1This week's Wacky Wednesday Alphabet Poster giveaways have been really fun!

We picked a total of five winners - 2 last Wednesday, 1 Thursday, 1 Friday and the last one TODAY!

First, a review of our winners:

Winner #1 was Sabrinna C.! Her comment:

Anchor charts are great visuals for students. I have one posted behind where my small groups meet. I also include one in my students B.E.A.R. notebook for my parents to use with their child.

The second winner was Autumn S.! Her comment:

Love the idea of cutting up the poster and allowing kids to use it as a hands-on activity, reconstructing the alphabet. I appreciate lessons where kids get to move! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and I love your alphabet activities posted on your blog.

Thursday’s winner was Veronica A.! Her comment:

I have the 81/2 X 11 version of this poster in black and white and have been dying for a large color copy of it. My students use this chart during writer’s workshop. There is also a copy of it on the back of their homework folders so they can refer to it when needed!
These were great ideas for using an ABC chart during other lessons

And Friday’s winner was Debbie! Her comment:

I love this particular chart. What great ideas to use with it. Can’t wait to get started.

That left one more drawing, so I took out TRC's comments, my own comments, and the previous winners comments, swished the proverbial hat around...And Today's winner is...Sandra S.! Her comment:

I love using the ABC boards and the poster to teach the alphabet in our room. We use it for everything and it is great to have anchor pictures that the students can rely on.

I have even taken the poster, cut it up, and used it on the Word Wall, both the classroom one, and the Word Wall chart that we used in the Writing Center. It makes it so easy for the children to find the words!


Stay tuned for our next Wacky Wednesday deal, in just a couple of days!