Wacky Wednesday Winners - Thursday and Friday! September 18 2009

After the response to the post, "The Alphabet Poster...Uncut!" we decided to give away 5 of The Alphabet Posters instead of just one.

On Wednesday, we numbered the comments and threw them into the proverbial hat (I didn’t include Teacher Resource Center’s comments). The first two picked were Sabrinna and Autumn.

Thursday evening, I renumbered the rest of the comments (again avoiding Teaching Resource Center's) and threw them back into the proverbial hat.

Thursday's winner is...Veronica A.! Her comment:

I have the 81/2 X 11 version of this poster in black and white and have been dying for a large color copy of it. My students use this chart during writer’s workshop. There is also a copy of it on the back of their homework folders so they can refer to it when needed!
These were great ideas for using an ABC chart during other lessons

And Friday's winner is...Debbie! Her comment:

I love this particular chart. What great ideas to use with it. Can’t wait to get started.

Congratulations! We will throw the rest of the comments back in on Monday, for one more winner!