Wacky Wednesday - "The Alphabet...Uncut!" UPDATE September 17 2009

So we are having some crazy awesome commenting on the Wacky Wednesday - "The Alphabet...Uncut!" post. We're having so much fun reading them that we decided not to give away a poster.

We're going to give away 5 posters! Two today, one on Thursday, one on Friday and one on Monday! 

We numbered the comments and threw them into the proverbial hat (I didn't include Teacher Resource Center's comments). The first one picked was Sabrinna C.! Her comment:

Anchor charts are great visuals for students. I have one posted behind where my small groups meet. I also include one in my students B.E.A.R. notebook for my parents to use with their child.

The second winner is Autumn S.! Her comment:

Love the idea of cutting up the poster and allowing kids to use it as a hands-on activity, reconstructing the alphabet. I appreciate lessons where kids get to move! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and I love your alphabet activities posted on your blog.

Those two winners are now out of the proverbial hat, so that means the odds just got better for you!