Wacky Wednesday - The Alphabet...Uncut! September 16 2009

A friend of mine loves the movie Twilight - and I mean loves. For her birthday, she received a print-out of the movie53530370-beginning-sound-poster-1 poster with her face superimposed where Bella's originally was. The ad line reads, "When you can live forever, what do you live for?"

It reminded me of the Back to the Future movie poster I had as a pre-teen, and how I drooled over images of Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman, joined later by Def Leppard, on posters that decorated my otherwise bare walls. Now I have framed prints of wine bottles and jazz musicians, which aren't nearly as titillating as the dudes I stared at in my teen angst.

This Alphabet Poster isn't as titillating either - however, it's quite important, since we do want our kids to recognize letters and sounds, foundational skills to learning to read. But I wanted it to have a really cool ad line, hence "The Alphabet...Uncut!" I mean, is that not exciting?

To double the excitement, this poster is currently 40% off (!) at the now low price of $5.95. And, since it is Wacky Wednesday, you can get it for FREE by leaving a comment at the end of this post!

I suppose you could stick it up on the wall as a general reminder all year, but there's so many more ways to have fun with it! My Top 3:

What's Missing?

Use Post-It Notes to cover as many letter/picture squares as desired. With individual students, whole or small groups, go through the poster starting with the letter "A". As students encounter the covered letters, choose volunteers to say what the letters and sounds are, and remove the sticky notes to see if they're correct. After your students get better at letter recognition, quiz them by going directly to the sticky notes instead of going through the alphabet starting with "A". Another variation is to have volunteers identify the letter, sound and then name an object that has the sound of the covered letter.

My ABC Chart

My ABC Chart

Provided is My ABC Chart, which allows students to sketch their own pictures, reinforcing sound recognition. Photocopied in the 8 1/2" x 11" size, it can be taped students' desks as a reminder of how to write their letters during writing time. If photocopied on paper that's 11" by 17", it can be folded in half and placed in a folder for safekeeping while students work on it over time.

Any size, however, could be sent home to parents to reinforce letter and sound recognition at home.

Center Time

Photocopying the the ABC chart, you or the students can cut the chart and practice putting the letters into alphabetical order, practicing letter and sound recognition. Laminate the pieces for longer use.

Using the poster at a Writing Center or Writing Corner, have students practice writing letters.

Would you like more ideas? Check out Carol's Free Lesson Plans about Long Vowels and Short Vowels!

magnetic easelLast week's Wacky Wednesday winner of the Magnetic Table Top Easel was Tara. Her comment: Great Mini lessons, I would love a table top easel for differentiation, in my small groups.

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