Star Student of the Week! September 17 2009

[caption id="attachment_1845" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Photo by geo3pea"]Photo by geo3pea[/caption]The Student of the Week is a great honor for each child in your classroom.  Having a Star Student each week allows you and your students to set some time aside to acknowledge each person individually throughout the school year.

The Star Student usually has leadership responsibilities and advantages during his/her week, such as Line Leader or Teacher Assistant. The Star Student also presents a poster to the class with stories, photographs, drawings or silly poems from him/her or family members at a designated time during the week. Classmates have the opportunity to ask questions of the Star Student, helping all of you get to know each person a little better.

There are a variety of ways to figure out who will be the Star Student each week. I’ve heard of systems in which a name is drawn on Monday and that’s the Student of the Week. Some teachers factor in behavior when making this decision – if a student’s name is drawn but there have been discipline issues, then that student must wait for his/her name to be drawn again at a different time. Other teachers plan out the year, plugging in each student into each week , randomly or alphabetically. However you decide to do it, remain consistent – kids will call you on it if you’re not, especially about Star Student of the Week.

Since it’s “Star” Student of the Week, there is a project that your class could prepare the first couple of weeks of school to be ready for each student’s special week. It involves 12” x 18” white (color is optional) construction paper and the Star Template. These hot late-summer afternoons would be a great time to work on a self-portrait like this!

To find the Star Template, go to my colleague Carol’s post about her “Star Student” Bulletin Board (if you haven’t yet read Carol’s post, bookmark it! It’s a great read!). Click on “Star Template and Directions” for free PDF to get “star”ted!

Star Student of the Week Poster

Materials: 12"x 18" construction paper, star templates (several per student), crayons, paint or colored pencils

  1. Students receive one piece of construction paper and several star templates (teacher determines how many should be included in this project).
  2. A self-portrait - sketched and then colored - goes in the center of the paper. Emphasize filling up the white space with the self-portrait.
  3. Students cut star templates, and write information about themselves in each one. These pieces of information could include:
  4. Favorites – animals, people, colors, food
    Family – parents, siblings, grandparents
  5. After filling them out and otherwise decorating them, students glue their stars to border the self-portrait.

When posters are completed, store them in something like this Poster Storage Bag. Then at the beginning of each week, grab the Star Student of the Week's poster and they're ready to share!