Your Classroom Memory Books September 12 2009

learning-to-readWhy Create Classroom Memory Books

Many teachers create classroom memory books. When I taught Kindergarten & 2nd grade I compiled special photos and activities the students had worked on during the year. On the last day of school the students brought home the Memory Books. It was a special way for me to say "good bye" and give my children a memorable gift. The parents loved the books, too.

Memory Books can encourage reading over the summer. It's helpful to include a few summer activities for the students, too. All of the activities I share here are free and printable. We've just started, so there's time to jump in and start creating the Memory Book. You'll see a few links below, under "What We Have so Far" to help you get started.

Recruit Help

If you are fortunate enough to have volunteer parents it will be a great help to have a few parents sign-up now to help you compile the classroom Memory Books. They can make copies, cut out the templates and trace them onto construction paper. They can also take pictures and develop them for you. It will be helpful & save time to think of a list of jobs. At the end of the year, you will need a parent to bind the books together for you, if possible.

welcome-to-teachers-corner1Create a Memory Book File Box

You may choose to get a file box and label a file for each student. As the students complete each activity it can be very helpful to have a teacher's assistant or volunteer parent file the completed work. The teacher's assistant or parent  can make sure every child has each activity done. If the child is absent, the teacher's assistant or volunteer parent can help the child finish the project or the child can complete it for homework.

It may be a good idea to keep the Family Tree activity filed separately in a locked cabinet at school. Other parents don't need to see these. The teacher may want to add the Family Tree Craft right before the Memory Books are passed out on the last day. If the tree is small enough a blank page can be added while binding the books, so you can later glue the trees to the blank page, or you can return them in a sealed manila envelope.

List of Free Templates &  Activities to Include in the Memory Books

memorybooksmallThis list is being created for you now. You will see posts under "Classroom Crafting with Carol".  In the craft post, you will know that it is for the Memory Book when you see this symbol.

Each time I post a new activity I'll continue add it to this list. If you bookmark this post on your browser you can stay up-dated on all the free templates & activities to include in the Memory Books.

What We Have So Far

(This list only includes what we have done so far. You will continue to see this list grow as the year progresses.)

  1. Stars from the "Star Student" Bulletin Board (Each child's star will be glued onto the Memory Book cover.)
  2. Jack-O'-Lantern Photo Frame (Insert a picture from an Autumn field trip, such as the pumpkin patch or the child wearing his/her costume.)
  3. My Favorite Things Book

Share Your Memory Book Ideas

Share any Memory Book ideas you have in the comments section below and check bask soon. This list will grow quickly.