Free Reproducible "Note from the Teacher", "Home Reading Log" & Bookmark! September 09 2009

Here's a free reproducible for you!

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I Love to Read at Home

Feel free to use this as a weekly reading log for your students. You could ask the students to fill out the dates on the reading logs after Monday morning journal time. I've noticed that if I don't have students fill out the dates in the classroom, the logs may show up without dates on them. It's important to encourage the students to fill out the logs themselves, rather than having parents completing the logs. Having a special box near the door to return reading logs can be helpful.

Books I Love to Read

This bookmark can be kept in the students' silent reading books. After the bookmark is completed, you could ask the student to talk about his/her favorite book with you or the class during morning circle time.

The student will present the following:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Theme
  • Plot
  • Settings
  • Character
  • Favorite part of the book (a few lines read aloud).
  • Why is this a favorite book?
  • What book do you want to read next and why?

You could even have the students fill out this book report before they do their book report aloud. This Reading Boxes Craft can give you more ideas for silent reading. It's important to set up a very structured silent reading time so that assessments can be done. Students can read in groups by reading level or at their own desks.

A Note From the Teacher

It's always best if the first note home is a positive one. I"m sure you know of many positive reasons, but here's a quick list to keep in mind. 

  • Jumped up a reading level.
  • Finished a book during Writers' Workshop. Ask parents to look at the book and read it with the child at home.
  • Earned high marks on a test.
  • Learned a new skill.
  • Improved in a subject area.
  • Good character (witnessed the student being caring, honest or thoughtful, etc.).
  • Tell parents to prepare for student of the week (send a photo and fill out a form to share).
  • Remind or thank a parent about his/her scheduled volunteer time.

Your Ideas about Free Reproducibles

Would you like us to offer another type of free reproducible? Please let us know in the comments below.