Wacky Wednesday - Marvelous Minilesson! September 09 2009

magnetic easelThe reading lesson is done, but there's still ten minutes before you and the kids have to get ready for lunch. No regular lesson can fit into that amount of time, and it's too long for students to just wait, nothing to occupy them.

So what do you do?

The Marvelous Minilesson!

Having a few minilessons up your sleeve will ease your mind when confronted with those awkward amounts of time, and the Table Top Magnetic Easel, on special for $14.95, can help!

And since it's Wacky Wednesday, you can get it for FREE! Keep reading to find out how!

The Table Top Magnetic Easel is sturdy, portable, and perfect to use for Marvelous Minilessons. I have some suggestions that span the curriculum. Just grab the Table Top Magnetic Easel, place it front and center, and you're ready to go!

Writing - What to Write?

Write a question or situation on the Table Top Magnetic Easel. Discuss it briefly with your class, then set your timer for 5 to 10 minutes where they MUST write nonstop until it goes off. Choose volunteers to share after the timer goes off.

Reading - Word of the Day

Building vocabulary is a constant challenge, especially with the span of curriculum we teach in elementary school. Use a minilesson to reinforce vocabulary or introduce your students to a word they'll encounter later in the day. One minilesson I particularly like with older kids is to introduce a word and have them, in groups or individually, predict the meaning of the word. Then they must find the dictionary meaning of the word. Other exercises include:

  • predict meaning, dictionary meaning using sketches instead of sentences
  • Use the word in a sentence
  • Find synonyms or antonyms
  • Use prefixes or suffixes with the word

Math – What’s the Question?

Write an answer on the Table Top Magnetic Easel, then have kids demonstrate on an overhead or document camera the question or problem they constructed to result in that answer. If you want more structure, set up what processes you want your students to use to create a problem - for example, create a division problem that results in this answer.

Across the Curriculum - What Can You Do With a Word?

Vocabulary to build is one of the first tasks I conquer when constructing a unit of study. When I teach Matter in my  4th grade classroom, exothermic and endothermic are two of the words they need to know and understand by the time the unit is over. Sometimes simply writing one of the vocabulary words on the easel and referring to it throughout the day is great for student use and retention of vocabulary. And time is of the essence, so using the Table Top Magnetic Easel to help reinforce vocabulary across the curriculum is an excellent use of my time during those spare moments throughout the day.

 PLUS, you could get the Table Top Magnetic Easel for FREE! Leave a comment telling us about one of your favorite minilessons and be entered to win!

846012[1]Last week's Wacky Wednesday winner of the Touch and Trace Alphabet Cards is Debra W. Her comment:

 Divide the First and/or second words into groups. The same number as groups of students. A student picks a word card traces the word on the back of a student then secretly puts the word somewhere in the pile the student finds the word as they trace over it with their finger.


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