Free "My Soccer Book" - Vowel Lesson Plan September 05 2009

Here's a free, printable "My Soccer Book" template.soccerballsmall



  1. Create a demonstration book.
  2. Read the book to the students.
  3. Explain that they are to complete the sentences and fill in the missing "o"s.
  4. Study words in the book with the short vowel "o" and long vowel "o".
  5. Write examples of words on the board that students can use to fill in the sentences on the first two pages (love, black, white, etc.).

Students move to their desks and create the books:

  1. Cut out the pages.
  2. Put in number order.
  3. Staple the pages together.
  4. Fill in the blanks.
  5. Make illustrations on the blank pages to show what the text is describing.
  6. Read the book to a classmate.
  7. Teacher or volunteer reads and stamps each book.
  8. Students bring the books home to read to their parent(s).