Wacky Wednesday - Easy as A-B-C! September 02 2009


The school year has started, and some of your students are struggling with reading. More specifically, they can't read stories; they can't read stories until they can read words; they can't read words until they understand the shapes and sounds of the letters of the alphabet.

The Touch and Trace Letter Cards are all about alphabet recognition.

 Some advantages to these cards:

  • Textured for a multisensory experience
  • Provide hands-on learning opportunities
  • Arrows provide direction for correct letter formation
  • The green dot on each card shows where to start; the red dot shows where to stop
  • Reinforces letter-sound recognition

These Touch and Trace Lowercase Letter Cards are a great deal at $11.95 (a discount of 20%)!

And of course, because it's Wacky Wednesday, you can get these lowercase cards for FREE! How? Read my suggestions for fun ways to use these Touch and Trace cards, then Leave a Comment below with a suggestion of your own!

Here are a few games good for use with the Touch and Trace Cards, and they increase in energy, competition and complication.

Around the Room
Trace the letter correctly and say what sound it makes. Look around the room and find something that begins with that sound. Say the word, emphasizing the sound from the letter on the card.

Alphabet Bingo
Bingo Board

Suggestions for Materials: Make markers to cover Bingo Squares (cut construction paper works in a pinch). Also, create Bingo Boards with different letters of the alphabet in each square (option: leave the center square blank for a "Free Space").

Shuffle the letters and put them face down in a pile. A student picks one off the top of the pile, traces the letter with his/her finger, and says a sound that the letter makes.

Students look at their Bingo Boards and cover a square if it has that letter.

Five in a row is a Bingo!

ABC Relay!
Divide the kids into two separate groups. Line up the students so that there are two lines.

Shuffle the cards and place in a loose pile at one end of the room or space in which you're working.

Call out a letter that you want the first two competing students to find in the pile of cards.

The first student in each line runs to the pile of cards, grabs the correct one and runs back to their groups.

Play until each student has had a chance to run and look for his/her letter!


 Speaking of winners, it's time we announced the winner of last week's Wacky Wednesday deal!5639-making-words-mat-2 Congratulations, Pamela M., on winning a free Making Words Mat! Here is Pam's comment:

In Kindergarten, the charts can be used to practice putting letters in ABC order and then spell the word at the bottom of the chart as the teacher sounds it out. As a dyslexia teacher I would time my students as they put the letters in ABC order…and then on “Wacky Word Wednesdays” we can practice CVC, CVVC, VCe, etc. word patterns that had been worked on as a review. Great hands on manipulative. I can use these with students in grades K-4. 

 Remember, Leave a Comment about your suggestions for using the Touch and Trace Cards, and be entered to win!

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