Frugal Friday - All About Eyes August 28 2009

Two great deals for this lovely Friday...

The first is a travel resource from Rick Steves, who is offering a smokin' deal on his latest resource. To quote from the email:

While I wrote this book to inspire travelers to broaden their perspectives through their experiences, now I see that the book has a value as a text book or teaching tool. If you are a professor or teacher and would be interested in using Travel as a Political Act as a personal resource, a text book, or recommended reading for your students, I’ll send you a copy for $5 including shipping to U.S. addresses (one per person, please and sorry no purchase orders). Simply place your order here (do not order through our regular Travel Store unless you want to pay a lot more). You'll receive your copy of Travel as a Political Act in about 2 weeks.

The second is from the National Eye Institute, always passionate about eye protection, and they're giving away a free poster about that very subject.

I'm wondering if this poster will answer two age-old questions:

1) Is it true that if you don't close them when you sneeze that your eyes will pop out?

2) Is it true that if your eye does in fact pop out, can you soak it in a glass of milk on the way to the hospital where they can then put it back into your socket, where it belongs?