Free "Smart Cootie Catcher" Template August 13 2009

A Fun Retro Craft Project for Class or Home

Why is it "smart"? The Smart Cootie Catcher can be used as a classroom instruction tool to help teach kids about coins and counting money!

We all know about the cootie catchers that got us into trouble while we were in school.

Teachers, let's put a twist on this cootie catcher and we can keep the students interested in learning.

Here's the free Smart Cootie Catcher template.

Smart Cootie Catcher Project Overview

Step #1 - Make the cootie catcher using the free down loadable template.

Step #2 - You can use the Smart Cootie Catcher to teach the students about money.


  1. Smart Cootie Catcher template (1 per student)
  2. pencils (1 per student)
  3. coins (penny, nickel, dime & quarter). If you separate your students into groups of four, you can give one set of the coins to each group.
  4. Money trivia questions or word problems. Tip - Write a list of questions on the board from the practice quiz from the chapter you are working on right now. Let the students choose the questions they would like to write inside.

Instructions for the "Coin Cootie Catcher"

  1. Emboss coins onto the front flaps and label each coin. (It works really well to roll up a wikki stix, like a cinnamon roll, and stick it to the back of the coin to keep in place while embossing it onto the paper.)
  2. Write values inside the cootie catcher, instead of just writing numbers. (e.g. 10 cents, 25 cents, etc.)
  3. Write questions under the numbers.  You can write money trivia questions and answers on the board.  The students can choose what they want to write inside their own cootie catcher.

To Play the "Coin Cootie Catcher" Game:

  1. Student #1 chooses a coin.
  2. Student #2 (holding the cootie catcher) spells the coin while opening and closing the cootie catcher.
  3. Student #1 chooses a coin value inside the cootie catcher.
  4. Student #2 counts the total amount.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Student # 1 chooses a value inside the cootie catcher.
  7. Student #2 opens the flap & asks the question.
  8. Student #1 answers the question.
  9. Student #2 gives the correct answer.

Check back soon for more instructional uses for the Smart Cootie Catcher.