Free Daily Journal Writing Book August 09 2009

Daily Journal Morning Routine

Every morning my students loved to write in their journals. The students enjoyed referring to the word wall as they wrote, but I encouraged my students to just write. Being concerned about spelling in their morning journals could block their writing ideas. (During Writers' Workshop, we focused on grammar and spelling.) The students were free to share their thoughts each morning, and they enjoyed the self expression. I encouraged the students to fill one page with writing and to make one illustration.

Finished Journals

I loved to get a finished journal on my desk. I'd read through the journal and write positive comments. I never corrected the grammar or spelling in these journals. I just wanted to hear what my students had to say. I'd stamp the last page and write a nice note. The students loved reading my comments. It helped me really see what was going on in their lives.

Free Daily Journal Template & Directions

  1. Cover - Copy one for each student and fold in half.  (The lined pages, below, are stapled inside).
  2. Lined Pages - Create as many pages as you wish. You can make the journals double sided, or leave the back side blank for illustrations.    In that case, one page will have lines and the other will be a blank page for an illustration.
  3. Schedule about 15 minutes every morning for journal writing.


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