Monday Minute - Vacation's Over... August 17 2009

If you come home as happy as you leave, you have had a good vacation.

What makes a good vacation?

I suppose it depends on the person. For me, it's not having a schedule: eating whenever I want, sleeping whenever I want, shopping, reading, laying by the pool...or not. My husband, however, is ADHD, so he must have an idea about what's coming up each day. So we have a schedule for our vacation, even if it's as simple as, "We're spending three hours at the pool."

Does that mean that I don't have a good vacation? Nope. We got to take this vacation without our kids, and although we love them dearly, they take much attention and energy. And my husband is self-sufficient and can entertain himself for a couple of hours when I need some time to myself.

And When we're alone together, I remember how much I like being with him, that we once had a life before we had kids. And that again, sooner than we think, we'll have a life again that will mostly be just us. My vacation is so much more important than doing what I want when I want.

I had a great vacation, but now it's over. And it's now August, which reminds me that school starts soon. Remember how happy you were on the last day of school in the spring? Hopefully you've had a great vacation - restful and energizing - to begin the new school year with as much excitement as you left.