Back to School MUST List! August 06 2009

My best friend has wish lists on a couple of websites, which she reminds me of whenever I ask her what she would like for those special occasions that pop up. I loved the idea so much that I'm making one for myself for Christmas.

TRC would also be a great website to have your own "Teacher Wish List" of those products you'd like for your classroom. One of my favorite tasks before the school year starts is to do some research for those products that will make my life easier. TRC has a variety of products at great prices, so I decided to make my "TRC MUST List" - a collection of my favorites that I put on my own TRC Wish List.

Planbooks - One of my colleagues calls herself a "Door to Desk Planner," but I knew the truth: she had a planbook full of ideas, goals and schedules. It was this structure that gave her freedom to change her mind about the plan on her way to her desk from the door of the classroom!

Poster Storage Bag - Posters no longer shoved into a drawer or falling behind a bookshelf! And it's clear, so you can actually see what's in there.

Mini-Storage Baskets - 96 baskets to put everything in its place...nothing could please me more.

Highlighter Tape - Small enough to fit into the mini-storage baskets. And also just generally awesome.

Timers - Easy to use, versatile, creating a sense of urgency to finish a task!

Lap Boards - A wide selection, and don't forget the markers and erasers.

Calendar/Morning Meeting - To help you create a consistent space to start the day with your kids!

Conflict Resolution - Wouldn't learning how to work together be a great way to start the year?

Pocket Charts – TRC has a great selection, from basic pocket charts to those you can use for Centers, Parts of Speech, or Calendars.

Hand Pointers – These are hilarious and usually $5 EACH at a bookfair.

What materials do you feel you MUST have in your classroom? I encourage you to take some time right now and make a wish list! As the school year begins and parents ask how they can help, direct them to this wish list, and they'll know exactly what you want!