Monday Minute - Taking My Own Advice August 10 2009

"I think mysteries are disgusting. I don't like to be titillated."
Angela, from The Office

As I wait for the season premiere of The Office (September 17th), I watch quite a few reruns, one in which this quote appeared.

I guffawed, of course. But it also reminded me of myself.

I don't like to get scared or even overexcited. I mean, I'm a writer. My job requires sitting and typing, so activity requiring more effort than that is difficult for me.

I don't like thrill rides, especially roller coasters. I don't go to scary movies. I'm afraid of heights.

So when I recently wrote about how we should try something new and scary each summer, I was reminded that I hadn't yet done that.

And at this very moment, I'm on vacation. Our destination has a wind-tunnel-sky-diving contraption. I had sworn not to participate in this particular outing (my husband, of course, is incredibly excited about it). But now, since I haven't tried anything new or particularly exciting or scary - and I was feeling quite guilty about not putting my money where my mouth is - that I've decided to jump above a large fan, simulating sky diving.

I'll be posting the results. If I'm still alive.